Surreality in court…

I walked into the courtroom for my name change hearing this morning expecting to answer questions about why I needed the name change. It was normal, and the judge was a genial old man who seemed to love the sound of his own voice. He granted the name change, congratulated me, and had me talk to the court clerk to get the paperwork. She went to make copies, and as I sat to wait for her, he started talking to the next person there for a name change hearing. Then the White Rabbit came by and down the hole we went!

Well, metaphorically speaking anyway. The man was apparently straightening out paperwork to go to Hong Kong. The judge then began to discuss Hong Kong in great detail, including a long rambling tale about how he and his wife got upgraded to first class on the ferry for only a nickel.

The clerk came back, gave me my paperwork, and my friend and I started to leave. As we were headed out the door, the judge said to the man, “So, you’re a successful doctor. Do you drive a Mercedes or a Rolls-Royce? You know those are the only two cars for a succesful doctor, right?”

We managed to let the door close before cracking up.


About Narcissa

I’m a volunteer and community activist, opinionated, moderate to liberal in political outlook, and a trans woman.
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